Photo by Dave Eckblad - Minneapolis


Dory Kahalé

Music Supervisor | Content Producer | Turntablist & DJ


  • Over ten years of Music Supervision experience in post production and ad agency settings.

  • Music industry since 1993.

  • Advertising industry since 2001.

  • Critically acclaimed DJ in the New York Times, Spin Magazine, NME, City Pages, and more.

  • Minneapolis City Pages "Best DJ" award in 2005 and a star on the famous First Avenue night club wall in Minneapolis.

  • Dozens of record label releases using multiple monikers since the mid nineties. (Click for Spotify content)

  • You've probably already heard Dory DJ at dozens of advertising events including some for AICP, Drive Thru, Ad Bowling, Pixel Farm, Mithun, PMH, and hundreds of night club events and concerts in Minneapolis for the last 25+ years.

  • DJ Mixing and Scratching Instructor. (Click for info)

  • The Scratch Mill events. (Click for info)

Based in Minneapolis USA, Dory partners with agencies, corporations, and promoters worldwide.